Episode 13: Another Tale of Two Races

Ultra Ordinary Running
Ultra Ordinary Running
Episode 13: Another Tale of Two Races

It has been a while. The past several weeks we have been busy tending to tonsillitis, tax season, teaching loads, and … training for ultras (not to mention, living in different time zones)!  We’ve reconvened to bring you Episode 13– another race recap show.  This past weekend, Angela became a Desert Rat, and Christina settled a score at Leona Divide.

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Gemini Adventures Desert Rats Festival: http://www.geminiadventures.com/running-events-2/festival/

Angela’s race report: https://silverliningstrong.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/the-day-i-became-a-desert-rat/

Leona Divide: http://leonadivide5050.com/index.php

Christina’s race report: http://www.arunningmess.com/2016/04/20/leona-divide-50k-2016/

And now our usual links:

Angela’s Twitter: @angelmurf
Angela’s Blog: https://silverliningstrong.wordpress.com/

Christina’s Twitter: @arunningmess
Christina’s Blog: http://www.arunningmess.com/

Melissa’s Twitter: @melissa_raguet
Melissa’s Blog: http://www.clothmother.com/

Music: Happy Rock from www.bensound.com